Why is Protective Workwear so Important in the Workplace?

I can’t help but notice the irony in writing about the importance of protective workwear. Is there a special pair of gloves which can protect my fingertips from the keyboard without compromising on my dexterity? Or perhaps there are special goggles which can alleviate the strain on my eyes when starting at the screen for too long. Though, all joking aside, protective workwear in a strenuous environment, is paramount. In this article we’re going to explore the many reasons why protective workwear is so important and why you should endeavour to provide such protection for all your employees no matter what Read More


Something we need to Talk About

Sewage- It maybe a rotten, stinky business.. But somebody’s got to talk about it.

Joking aside, what do know about how our waste is disposed of, where does it go & how does it get there, how was it dealt with in the past, what’s the process & does it always come up smelling of roses somewhere.. What should you know & why should you be interested?

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