Why is Protective Workwear so Important in the Workplace?

I can’t help but notice the irony in writing about the importance of protective workwear. Is there a special pair of gloves which can protect my fingertips from the keyboard without compromising on my dexterity? Or perhaps there are special goggles which can alleviate the strain on my eyes when starting at the screen for too long. Though, all joking aside, protective workwear in a strenuous environment, is paramount. In this article we’re going to explore the many reasons why protective workwear is so important and why you should endeavour to provide such protection for all your employees no matter what Read More

5 Cost-Saving Benefits of Using Aluminium Trailers as Opposed to Steel

The Aluminium VS Steel battle has been waging for a long time, and we’re going to put it to bed today. First of all, it really is a matter of preference, as there are pros and cons to both as with anything in life. We do however lean more towards aluminium trailers as there are many cost-saving attributes involved without compromising on quality or capability. Let’s take a look at the major benefits of opting for an aluminium trailer: Read More

Something we need to Talk About

Sewage- It maybe a rotten, stinky business.. But somebody’s got to talk about it.

Joking aside, what do know about how our waste is disposed of, where does it go & how does it get there, how was it dealt with in the past, what’s the process & does it always come up smelling of roses somewhere.. What should you know & why should you be interested?

Read More

Tree Trimming & Pruning In Perth

For tree owners, caring for and maintaining trees is something that needs to be done. Having too high or scattered trees can be harmful to you, pedestrians or drivers. Trimming and pruning need to be done regularly for both safety reasons and to help the trees grow better. Here are some basic things tree owners should know to allow your trees to grow beautifully. Read More

A Career in Engineering

Are you good with engines? Do you have an interest in heavy machinery? Did you know there is a national shortage of trained, experienced mechanical engineers in Australia at the moment. Whether it be cars, trucks, or earthmovers, ships, if you have some mechanical skill there’s definitely an opportunity to earn a comfortable income in this field. There are many training providers offering starter courses in basic engineering, and from there it is possible to specialise in one of many different mechanical disciplines. Read More

Advertising a Startup Business

So, you’re considering opening your own business? Maybe you have a great idea, but don’t overlook the first rule of business – let everyone know you’re out there. It’s a common mistake among many new starts. There’s a belief that word of their company will spread like wildfire. Maybe you have a great coffee shop and it’s obvious that soon everyone in the area will know how great your place is, and how you sell the best coffee in town. Never think that way. No matter what, you need to let the public know you exist. Read More

Signs you might need a Cleaner

If you are a busy professional, or trying to run a home and a family, or if you have a commitment to a charity or church or social group outwith working hours, you might struggle to find time for your domestic chores. Many of us don’t really like doing housework at the best of times but when we get overwhelmed with other tasks it’s usually the cleaning jobs which get neglected, Read More