Why is Protective Workwear so Important in the Workplace?

I can’t help but notice the irony in writing about the importance of protective workwear. Is there a special pair of gloves which can protect my fingertips from the keyboard without compromising on my dexterity? Or perhaps there are special goggles which can alleviate the strain on my eyes when starting at the screen for too long. Though, all joking aside, protective workwear in a strenuous environment, is paramount. In this article we’re going to explore the many reasons why protective workwear is so important and why you should endeavour to provide such protection for all your employees no matter what

First of all, what is protective workwear? It comes in many forms, from eyeglasses, goggles, gloves, helmets, masks, boots and more, – each designed for the purpose of protecting not only the wearer, but in some cases, (which we will get into) other people.

1 – Improved Productivity

First of all, we’re going to look at protection from a productivity point-of view. If your employees don’t feel particularly safe then they’re not going to be working at their optimum, it’s as simple as that. By providing sufficient protective clothing your employees will be able to tackle the tasks assigned to them with careful consideration, without fear of hurting themselves. A good example of this is heavy duty gloves for those in the tree-lopping industry. When dealing with thorny foliage or handling heavy equipment, such protective workwear can allow the user to perform their tasks absent any unnecessary discomfort.

2 – Conscious Behaviour

The very act of putting on protective workwear is an instant reminder that you’re operating in a particularly dangerous environment. This invariably makes the wearer more aware of their surroundings and the dangers that they’re exposed to, allowing them to work safer, with more care for themselves and others around them. Simply put, protective workwear inspires safety.

workwear3 3 – Combats Contamination

Whether its protecting the wearer’s skin or and airways from hazardous substances or preventing the spreading of germs from one to another, protective workwear is essential for cleanliness. This is why gloves are so important when working in a, industrial, laboratory or medical setting. The use of protective gloves is essential for preventing contamination.

4 – Noise Reduction

Protective workwear isn’t all about protecting what’s on the outside! Certain industries are far louder than others, particularly when dealing with heavy machinery. Protective earphones for example, offer significant noise reduction which offer protection against preventable and often irreversible damage to the ears.

5 – Freedom of Movement

Working on a construction site in a pair of flipflops is as ridiculous as it sounds. Protective workwear such as heavy duty, steel-toe-capped boots allows the wearer to move around and operate freely without fear of hurting themselves. In addition to this it provides protection against lacerations, sprains, broken bones, trips, slips and much more. Simply put, if you want your employees to be able to operate and move around freely, then you’ll need to provide them with the appropriate protection.


Stock Up

Work clothes on hangers

Whatever the industry, you should carry out regular risk assessments to determine exactly what equipment you need to provide your staff with to ensure that they are as safe and comfortable as possible. There are many reputable companies out there such as Bastion Pacific who provide such solutions to all-manner of industries. So, identify what you need, stock up and then watch as your business thrives safely and efficiently.