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Tree Trimming & Pruning In Perth

For tree owners, caring for and maintaining trees is something that needs to be done. Having too high or scattered trees can be harmful to you, pedestrians or drivers. Trimming and pruning need to be done regularly for both safety reasons and to help the trees grow better. Here are some basic things tree owners should know to allow your trees to grow beautifully.

Reasons to Trim & Prune

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Shape – Trimming and pruning is normally done to maintain shape and appearance. Sometimes you will see that branches grow in the wrong directions. They may grow too high or bend into your neighbor’s house, but remember to maintain the size of your trees. Cutting out too much may damage them.

Safety – Dead branches can fall off anytime especially in windy and heavy rain periods. They can be harmful to you, your house and the people who pass by.

Health – It is true that trees purify the air and produce oxygen, but having branches and limbs around doors and windows can prevent airflow. Allowing the air to flow into your house can be beneficial for your health.

Trimming Tips

The best time to trim is during the dormant season (when the tree temporarily stops growing and adapts to conserve its energy and minimize the metabolic activities). Or you can do it anytime, depending on the size of your trees. If they are too big, i.e. bigger than 5-10 centimeters in diameter, seek to advise or services from a reliable professional such as The Tree Firm, owner and founder of the company, Paul Vickers is very knowledgeable, has an expert team behind him and always happy to help.

Maintain the giant branches to keep the tree sturdy and start to trim the smaller ones. Choose weak and narrow angles, which are normally V-shaped. Try to choose the young branches. They are much easier to manage and will not leave a hard scar after cutting them down. After you have finished trimming, the remaining living crown must be ⅔ of the tree height.

Pruning Tips

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The following tips will help you to plan how to maintain and care for your tree with different techniques.

Thinning Crown

Thinning the crown means you want to have thinner branches and a thinner top to the tree. Evenly keep the space between branches and prune the branches that run across each other. Do not prune out too much at a time, not more than ¼.

Raising Crown

Raising the crown means you want to clear the bottom branches to allow people to walk and drive underneath. The remaining branches should not be less than ⅔ of the height. Pruning too much can cause trees to not fully develop.

Reducing Crown

If you want to remove more than half of the tree, choose to reduce the crown. This method means you will remove all the big branches that have a ⅓ diameter size compared to the stem. Only do this if it’s entirely necessary.