A Career in Engineering

Are you good with engines? Do you have an interest in heavy machinery? Did you know there is a national shortage of trained, experienced mechanical engineers in Australia at the moment. Whether it be cars, trucks, or earthmovers, ships, if you have some mechanical skill there’s definitely an opportunity to earn a comfortable income in this field. There are many training providers offering starter courses in basic engineering, and from there it is possible to specialise in one of many different mechanical disciplines.

Here are some industries which are particularly in need of workers with mechanical skills:


shipping Shipping– The shipping industry in Australia is huge and it is predicted to continue growing for many years to come. However, many Australians seem unaware of the great career opportunities a life at sea can bring – especially if that career involves marine engineering. Many large shipping companies are willing to train potential engineers for free if they find the right candidate. An interest in mechanics is a must, as is a decent grasp of maths, and a bit of science. A job as a marine engineer can lead to world travel, great pay, and a life less ordinary. The only disadvantage is that there will be many long periods away from home. Some younger workers like to do this kind of job until they have a family then look for shore based employment. Either way, this career provides a fantastic lifelong income.


car mechanicCar Mechanic – There is no end to the number of cars on our roads there days, and the technical sophistication of the latest car engines means that even larger teams of mechanics and technicians are required to maintain them. Modern car mechanics are more than likely specialists in one aspect of automotive engineering. The days of one-man-knows-all are gone. The average car has now become too complex with electricl and IT components, engine management, emissions control, and advanced transmission and braking systems. Teams generally work together in one garage and interact to diagnose and solve problems. This make for a very interesting, rewarding, and financially lucrative career choice for those with the technical abilities to progress in the industry.


heavy machine engineeringHeavy Machine Engineering – The most overlooked of all the engineering disciplines. Knowing how to maintain and repair machinery for the construction industry is a great career opportunity for those with the right skill set. Big building projects often need to hire an earthworks and excavations company to prepare a site for a large development. This requires the use of specialist digging machines which need ongoing maintenance from highly specialised engineers. A particular emphasis is put on hydraulics knowledge, and those with expertise in this field tend to earn very comfortable salaries. However, the work can be physically demanding as most of the machines are oversized, and most of the equipment used is bulky and heavy. Heavy machine engineers are usually physically robust and most enjoy the manual part of the job. If you are someone who enjoys breaking a sweat throughout a working day this  may well be an ideal job.