Advertising a Startup Business

So, you’re considering opening your own business? Maybe you have a great idea, but don’t overlook the first rule of business – let everyone know you’re out there. It’s a common mistake among many new starts. There’s a belief that word of their company will spread like wildfire. Maybe you have a great coffee shop and it’s obvious that soon everyone in the area will know how great your place is, and how you sell the best coffee in town. Never think that way. No matter what, you need to let the public know you exist.

So what’s the best way for a startup business to spread the word? Let’s late a look at some tried and tested advertising strategies:

 social mediaSocial Media – This is the modern-day equivalent of word of mouth. You tell your friends and they tell their friends, on and on, but remember it’s not you, it’s your business. Don’t just have – Hi, I’ve opened a new coffee shop and I’d like some of you guys to come and check it out. No, you still need to brand things, even on social media. Your business should have a voice. It should have an ongoing story to tell the world. What is big in your business right now? What is happening today? Let the world know your business is dynamic, enthusiastic, and buzzing with activity. Lots of photos and snappy text. Not long articles about your skills as a barista, just a nice photo of your goods and your venue. Do this regularly, there’s nothing sadder on social media than a business with last year’s Christmas Party photos still on display.

Open Day Event – Kill two birds with one stone. If it’s a new chapter in your working life celebrate it. I mean really! Invite friends and family to your place and lay on some food and drinks. Show the place off. But also, advertise in the local community. Hire a big banner, a few balloons and ribbons. A bit of colour and spectacle will always draw the attention of passersby, and if you are truly having a party the atmosphere will almost certainly be one of genuine hospitality – and that’s not easy to buy.

signageSignage – No matter what the business, an appropriate eye-catching sign outside your business is an absolute must. Many business owners get caught up in heavy advertising campaigns with google ads, or TV and radio ads. These are fleeting moments in the life of a business. They may bring a heightened level of curiosity to your company but if these campaigns are not maintained the interest will wane. However, a quality sign out front will have an initial impact and it will remain a draw for your business for years to come. The costs of installing a quality sign may be an expense most new start businesses would like to avoid but when compared to ongoing advertisement fees it can actually provide great value for money. A company like Graffiti Stickers could provide a range of signage solutions suitable for any type of business.