Signs you might need a Cleaner

If you are a busy professional, or trying to run a home and a family, or if you have a commitment to a charity or church or social group outwith working hours, you might struggle to find time for your domestic chores. Many of us don’t really like doing housework at the best of times but when we get overwhelmed with other tasks it’s usually the cleaning jobs which get neglected,

Here’s a list of a few signs which indicate it’s time you hired a professional cleaner:


dirty-bathroom Embarrassing Bathroom – Many times we don’t notice how neglected our bathroom has become. It usually dawns on us when we have visitors that what we found acceptable in our daily rush to get to work might seem a bit gross to others. Even a luxurious bathroom loses its attraction if it hasn’t been cleaned properly. Soap scum, hair, smudged mirrors are signs that you’re beginning to accept the status quo. A professional cleaner a few times a week can keep your bathroom in tiptop condition and save your blushes when visitors call.


clutter-livingCluttered Living Room – There should be a place for everything in our homes – either that or we simply have too much stuff. Sometimes after a hard day’s work we are so happy to get home we just drop everything as soon as we sit down. Discarded clothes, coffee cups, books and magazines, mail, etc. This can build up over time and eventually we are faced with the task of bringing some order to the entire mess. Having a cleaner can help with organising your daily life. Simple things like a laundry basket and a mail file will mean that all that clutter will be neatly stored when you return from a busy day.


kitten-chaosKitchen Chaos – Our kitchens are a sanctuary most of the time. We tent to spend as much time there as anywhere in a home. Being a utility room a kitchen will need much more attention than a living room or bedroom but many of us rarely see the mess we’re creating until it overwhelms us. A hectic day usually starts with a quick breakfast then a dash to work, but all that toast and cereal and scrambled egg can to be complicated. Crumbs, dishes, buttered knives, greasy frying pans, all need attention and sometimes we just don’t have the time. But after a long week at the office we might be faced with a sacrificing some of our precious free time in dealing with this unsightly problem. That’s fine if your social life is limited or you are one of those types who just loves cleaning kitchens. But if you have better things to do on a Saturday morning it’s a good idea to have an expert come along and straighten thing out for you.

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