Improving Education and Sports from the Ground Up

But before I being to compare my team’s approach with that of my competitors, first let me tell you a little bit more about my team’s campaign policies.

I plan to address the security of the nation’s people, and not the interests of big business and corporations who give nothing back to society. And I will also focus my efforts directly on our community, and what we can do to make our neighborhoods better places to live in.

Not every area requires the same amount, or same kind of assistance from the government, yet policies are still generalized and applied across the board. We understand that one simple rule or regulation should not be applied to all. I plan to introduce, and work together with those who are developing localized policies that can help our proud state grow both financially and socially.

One major area of focus will be the state’s sports program. Iowa has a long history of producing sporting greats and we plan to honor our past by implementing new measures that will encourage children to take part in more sports, and assist those who show promise and talent to continue their passion professionally.

With a new series of sports activities for schools, after school programs and special education resources for teachers, we’ll be encouraging our children to develop new skills, stay fit and healthy, and explore their opportunities for a future in one of the many fields of work related to sports.

Because our children are our future, we should make every opportunity available to them, and implementing new policies that improve education, benefit our children’s the health and fitness, and provide opportunities for the future just makes sense to us.